I SMELL A RAT!!!!!     20-06-2014, Birchwood.

photo 3 photo 2   photo 1 Do you think your electrics are safe and free from any faults?? That is what the owner of this house thought when they were having some work done by NJT Electrical. we were installing some new sockets and a new consumer unit. When we came to the the series of test we found there were serious faults on the upstairs sockets. After much testing and fault finding we found a cable in the loft that had been chewed through by a rat or a mouse. In 20 years i have never seen a piece of cable this length totally stripped of all its insulation. This faulty was very serious and could easily gave caused a fire. It just goes to show how important it is to have your electrical installation checked and tested at least every 3 years and In some cases less.


DANGERS OF HALOGEN SPOTLIGHTS   06-05-14 Ashton in Makerfield.

Many house now enjoy the great effects of spotlights. They look good and are easy to install and maintain. If they are not installed correctly they can often lead to overheating and burning of cables. We always recommend using LED spotlights. This eliminates the risk of burning and fire. Below is a picture of a fault we went to where the lighting circuit was tripping the RCD. This was traced to one spotlight where the lamp had melted the supply cable.

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Proof how running NJT ELECTRICAL is child’s play. My son is getting practice to take over the family business!!

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